Does your business need someone to depend on for quality commercial refrigeration services? You found the right company.

At EMS Heating & Air Conditioning, we specialize in commercial services for businesses in the Kaufman, TX, area. Our TX business has been serving our community for years, taking care of all your heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVACR) needs.

Commercial Refrigeration Services

Our team of experts is trained to provide professional service for your Kaufman, TX, business. This includes coolers, freezers, refrigerators, coils, cases, condensing units, and compressors for most brands of refrigeration units.

Whatever business you are in, if you use commercial refrigeration, we are here to help maintain your equipment with quality service. Whether you are considering installing a new deli case or simply needing service on an older company compressor, EMS Heating & Air Conditioning can accommodate those needs in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

Helping you to meet your goals is our top goal. Here are just some of the equipment and units we service:

  • Ice machines
  • Beer-dispensing equipment
  • Food display cases
  • Subtables
  • Reach-ins—both freezers and refrigerators
  • Walk-ins—both freezers and refrigerators
  • Uprights—both freezers and refrigerators
  • Bar back equipment
  • Prep tables and buffets
  • Condensers
  • Compressors
  • Evaporator coils

If you have a piece of equipment not on the list and we are unable to fix it, we will find someone who can. We value your business and will work hard to keep it.

Commercial Refrigeration Installation and Replacement

When the time comes to invest in new equipment, whether you are starting a new venture or you are replacing your original freezer or ice machine, contact our commercial heating, commercial cooling, and commercial refrigeration professionals. We will install your new investment as seamlessly as possible, and get you up and running with little disruption to your daily business activity.

Our team of experts undergoes continual training to remain up to date on the technologies and techniques necessary for the installation of the newest and most efficient refrigeration equipment.

When we install equipment, we do it right the first time. You can have peace of mind; with proper professional maintenance, your new HVACR equipment will last for years.

Be sure to talk to us about our financing options. We have something to offer for all needs.

Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial Refrigeration Repairs

Many times, broken equipment is a cause for closing your Kaufman, TX, company for the day, which is an expensive interruption. At EMS Heating & Air Conditioning, we will be there right when you need us. Our team of experts will quickly diagnose the issue and repair it.

We stock our company vehicles with a wide inventory of replacement parts to get the job done quickly and right. Our goal is to help you keep your business running smoothly.

Our team works behind the scenes quietly and efficiently, allowing your customers and employees to continue their activities. Before we begin your repair, we will provide you with an accurate up-front quote. We are always entirely transparent with our process.

You can rely on us when we recommend replacing a part if it’s necessary. And if we recommend replacing your equipment instead, you can count on our expertise. We will always repair for cost savings if we can. We are in the business of helping your business succeed.

Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

We know how busy it gets. Whether it’s filling out schedules, ordering supplies, or taking care of customers, there is only so much time in a day. To help keep your business going, we want to help you with your professional maintenance. Many repairs are avoidable through preventative maintenance.

Most commercial maintenance is customized. We understand your business needs are unique to you and your company. Regular commercial maintenance offsets the cost of service calls, tune-ups, and repairs, giving you the reassurance that our team will be there to keep your commercial equipment operating at full capacity.

To help keep your maintenance on schedule, we offer tailor-made preventative maintenance plans designed for your needs and budget. Talk to us about signing up today so we can focus on your equipment while you focus on running a successful business.

You Can Depend on Your Commercial Refrigeration Experts

When something goes wrong with your commercial refrigerator or any other piece of commercial heating and commercial cooling equipment, count on our team at EMS Heating & Air Conditioning in Kaufman, TX, to quickly address the issue. Call (469) 720-4545 or request service online today to learn how we can add comfort to your business.